Hot Metal Dragon

Construct Dragons

Constructed from the mechanical melding of magic and machinery, Construct Dragons are a testament to the relentless drive of mortals to reclaim the majesty and might of dragons long fallen. Born from the skeletal remains of dragons, these machines are infused with intricate cogs, steam-powered engines, and runic symbols that glow faintly. They are both a marvel of arcane engineering and a somber reminder of a dragon’s former glory. With armor plating replacing scales and steam replacing breath, these constructs move with a weighty grace, their roars now a symphony of gears grinding and steam releasing.

The creators of these monstrosities often intend to harness the raw power and prestige associated with dragons, using the Construct Dragons as weapons or guardians. The souls of the original dragons, however, do not always rest easy. Whispers among arcane scholars suggest that these constructs may occasionally house the restless spirits of the dragons from which they were forged. This imbues them with a tragic semblance of their previous consciousness, caught between the world of the living and the dead, a powerful creature chained by magic and machinery.

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