High Priest

Divine Casters

In the sprawling cosmology of the realms, priests stand as steadfast beacons of faith, channeling divine energy from the deities they serve and wielding it as a force of both healing and destruction. Unlike mere devotees, priests are chosen vessels, having undergone rigorous rites and ceremonies to attune themselves to their deity’s will. They act as mortal intermediaries, performing sacred rituals, offering blessings, and interpreting the often enigmatic will of the gods. Their deep faith grants them unique divine magics that can exorcise malevolent spirits, bring forth miracles, or call down the wrath of the heavens upon their foes.

Draped in vestments representing their chosen deity, priests are easily identifiable not only by their attire but also by the holy symbols and relics they bear. These artifacts, passed down through generations or granted through visions, amplify their divine connection and are vital in their rituals and combat against the forces of darkness. Temples, cathedrals, and shrines often become the epicenters of a priest’s life, serving both as places of worship and fortresses against supernatural threats. Within these hallowed walls, priests train, commune, and gather followers, forging powerful religious orders that can sway the fate of kingdoms.

However, just as there are gods of light and healing, there are deities of shadow and despair. Dark priests, dedicated to these malevolent entities, harness divine power for nefarious purposes. They spread corruption, chaos, and death, often leading cults and performing twisted rites in secret, hidden places. Whether they channel the benevolent grace of a healing god or the maleficent curse of a death deity, priests command respect and caution. To oppose them is to challenge the very gods themselves.

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