Necromancy School – Level 0 – Forbidden

Type: Quick Spell, using a Bonus Action

Reach: 60 feet

Duration: 1 hour

Effect: You place a Curse on yourself and another creature.

Choose 1 target within reach. Both you and that target are Cursed for the spell duration, or until one of you dies. Once you cast this spell, you must wait 1 hour to cast it again, unless the target dies first. Choose 1 of the following Curses:

  • Choose 1 skill. Both you and that target have disadvantage on all Checks with that skill.
  • Once per round, when you deal damage to that target, that damage is increased by 1d6. However, that target can also increase any damage against you by 1d6 once per round.
  • You and that target are considered to be in harsh terrain.

Spell List: Warlock

Elysium's Door