Harpy Matriarchy


Harpies, feared creatures of myth and legend, bear a startling and grotesque blend of human and avian features. Their lithe, upper human torsos transition seamlessly into the feathered bodies of birds of prey, their faces typically a distorted blend of womanly beauty and avian ferocity. Wings sprout from their backs, allowing them the freedom of the skies. Talon-tipped feet and hands make them formidable foes in close combat. Their colors can range from raven-black or hawk-brown to more exotic and unsettling hues, a mark of their supernatural origin.

The most sinister ability of the harpies lies not in their physical prowess but in their hypnotic song. These melodies, hauntingly beautiful and imbued with dark magic, drift through forests and across open landscapes, captivating any who hear them. Travelers, hearing the soft, seductive refrains, often feel compelled to follow the source, entranced and oblivious to their surroundings. This call lures the unwary into the harpies’ lairs or treacherous terrains, leaving them vulnerable to ambush or ensnarement.

Harpies are not merely predators of the body but also of the soul. Their songs don’t just trap travelers physically, but they also torment their minds, awakening deep desires, fears, and memories. As their victims approach, harpies revel in the ensuing chaos and emotional torment, often playing with their prey before making a deadly strike. Adventurers are advised to protect their ears and minds when traversing harpy-infested territories, lest they fall victim to their malevolent melodies.

art by @victhelion
Elysium's Door