Greater Hex

Necromancy School – Level 4 – Forbidden

Type: Quick Spell, using a Bonus Action

Reach: 60 feet

Duration: 1 hour

Effect: You place multiple Curses on a creature.

Choose 1 target within reach. That target is Cursed for the spell duration, or until you die. Once you cast this spell, you must wait 1 hour to cast it again, unless the target dies first. The target gains the following Curses:

  • Choose 1 skill. That target has disadvantage on all Checks and Saves with that skill.
  • Once per round, when you deal damage to that target, you can deal extra 2d8 dark damage.
  • That target is considered to be in harsh terrain.

At the start of its turns, that creature can make 1 Religion Save, breaking 1 of the Curses above on a success.

Spell List: Warlock

Elysium's Door