Great Slow

Chronomancy School – Level 5

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: 30 feet

Duration: 1 minute, using Concentration

Effect: You make a creature incredibly slow.

Choose 1 Large or smaller creature within reach. That creature has the following effects until the spell ends:

  • It is considered to be in harsh terrain
  • That creature cannot use its Reaction
  • That creature automatically fails any Agility, Brawling and Reflex Saves.
  • That creature has disadvantage on all its Attacks.
  • That creature can only use 1 Action during its turns. If the creature would cast a Normal Spell, it must also use its Bonus Action to cast that spell.

During the start of your turns, you must also succeed on a Concentration Save (DC 15), or the spell then ends.

In addition, you also make all Concentration Saves to maintain this spell with disadvantage, and you cannot automatically succeed the Concentration Saves from this spell.

Upcast: If you upcast this spell, you can target a creature that is 1 size bigger for each level upcasted.

Spell List: Inventor, Sorcerer, Wizard