Grand Lich


“I have seen the rise and fall of civilizations. I have witnessed the wars and the atrocities committed in the name of power. And through it all, I have remained, unchanging and eternal.

But I am not simply an observer. I am a collector of souls. I am a devourer of life. And I have amassed a power that is unmatched by any mortal.

You see, the souls that I consume are not just fuel for my magic. They are a source of knowledge, of memories, of experiences. With each soul I consume, I grow stronger, smarter, more powerful.

And now, after centuries of gathering, I have reached the pinnacle of my power. I am a god among mortals, a being beyond death and decay.

And yet, I hunger. I hunger for more souls, more power, more knowledge. For there is no limit to what I can achieve, no end to the power that I can amass.

So come, mortals, and bow before me. Surrender your souls to me, and I will grant you a place in my eternal army. Resist, and I will consume you all the same, and add your essence to my own.

For I am the Lich, and no power in this world can stand against me!”

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