Grand Holy Rod

Very Rare Rod

Class Spells: Cleric 

Spell Skill used: Religion 

Max Spell Level: Level 3 

Recharge Scroll Time: 1 Action 

Special Effect 1: Anyone holding this Rod can cast the Bless spell at will. 

Special Effect 2: Once per round, when you deal light damage with this Rod, you can deal extra 1d10 light damage


Rods are necessary items required to use Magic Scrolls. First, a person must wrap a Magic Scroll in a rod. Then, anyone holding that rod can cast the spell from that Magic Scroll. Once the spell is cast, the Magic Scroll is burned and can’t be used again.

Rods are great tools that allow anyone to cast any spell, but they can be clunky in combat because you must re-wrap the rod with a new Magic Scroll every time you want to cast another spell.

Rods can vary greatly from one another. Each Rod can give a unique effect to spells cast with them, and some rods only cast spells from certain Classes. Each Rod also has a maximum Level of Spells it can cast.

A Caster can bypass the limit of a Rod using Mana. They need to spend 2 Mana per Level gab between the Rod’s spell Limit and the Magical Scroll’s Level.

Example: If you have a rod with a limit of Level 2 spells and use a magic scroll with a Level 6 spell, you would need to use 8 Mana (4 times 2) to cast that spell.

To benefit from a Rod’s effects, you must be holding it with one hand, and you no longer need one free hand to cast Normal Spells while holding a Rod.

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