Gorgon’s Head

Conjuration School – Level 3 – Forbidden

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: Self

Duration: 1 minute, using Concentration

Effect: You partially conjure just the head of a gorgon.

All creatures that look directly to you must succeed on an Endurance Save, or become Cursed.

While Cursed this way, that creature becomes Contained and it must repeat this Endurance Save at the start of its turn. If it fails again, that creature also becomes Paralyzed. If it fails for a third time, it turns into an inanimate statue and it does not repeat this Save.

This Curse can be broken if the creature succeeds on the Endurance Save at least once, if it takes any acid damage, or if you die. The statue reverts back into that creature if touches acid or if you die.

Curse: If you see your own reflection, you must make an Endurance Save. On a fail, you become Contained and must repeat this Endurance Save at the start of your turns. If you fail again, you also become Paralyzed. If you fail for a third time, you turn into an inanimate statue and you don’t repeat this Save. If you succeed on this Save at least once or take any acid damage, you return back to normal.

Spell List: Druid, Warlock, Wizard