Goblin Champion


Goblins tend to only go out at night. They are small and sneaky, and they normally form small groups and do their best to survive in the wild.

Legend has it that goblins have lived in the forests for thousands of years. However, with the appearance of villages and cities, it has become common to see goblins living in those places.

Every once in a while, a Goblin with a slightly reddish color is born and ends up growing much larger than normal. These are Hobgoblins, a variation of the goblinoid race.

Hobgoblins may not be as stealthy as normal Goblins, but they are natural-born leaders and have a tactical mind, especially on the battlefield.

Bugbears on the other hand are large, are not born from goblins nor hobgoblins, but they usually join goblin tribes to offer protection and strength in exchange for food, comfort, and shiny trinkets. Goblins, with their cunning, leverage this relationship to enhance their tribes’ defenses, especially when organized by tactical hobgoblins.

This mutualistic association ensures that goblins gain a formidable guardian, while bugbears receive consistent sustenance and treasures, allowing the goblinoid races to thrive and challenge other dominant species in various regions.

art by @victhelion
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