Flying Carpet

Very Rare Miscellaneous

Special Effect: This Carpet has a Flying Hover Speed of 30 feet and Dash speed of 10 feet. It can be piloted by anyone riding it. The Flying Carpet can carry 1 Large creature, 2 Medium Creatures, or up to 4 Small or smaller creatures.

If the creature takes any damage while flying this carpet, it must succeed on an Agility Save (DC 10), or fall off the carpet. If the Carpet Dashed during this round, creatures make this Save with disadvantage.

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items can come in various forms and have various different effects. They don’t need attunement and you can carry as many as you want with no limitation.

They usually are not useful in combat, but they have a lot of utility effects that can bring new creative solutions for complex problems.

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