Chronomancy (and Illusion) School – Level 4

Type: Ritual Spell

Material: Smoke from any burning material

Casting Time: 1 hour

Reach: 60 feet

Duration: 8 hours, using Concentration

Effect: You recreate the past through an illusion.

All the area within 60 feet around you is affected by an illusion, that makes it seem as if the location has been reverted back in any amount of time you choose.

The illusion recreates any creature, object and sound that has been in the location. However, if you try to recreate a past more than 24 hours, the illusion recreates only the shadows of any creature or objects that has been to that location. If you try to recreate the past for more than 1 week, the sound of the illusion is reduced to mere static noises. If you try to recreate the past for more than 1 month, the Illusion simply becomes static, and doesn’t show anything.

While Concentrating on this spell, you can change the time you are trying to recreate with the illusion, animating the image you are creating with the illusion if necessary.

Spell List: Inventor, Sorcerer, Wizard