Fire Dragon

Fire Dragons

Fire Dragons are fearsome creatures of legend, embodying the very essence of raging flames and smoldering embers. Their scales, a dazzling combination of deep reds, bright oranges, and molten gold, not only serve as armor but also shimmer in reflection of their fiery abode. With wings that appear as if made from burning coal, they soar through the skies, leaving trails of smoke and a searing heat in their wake.

Notoriously greedy, these dragons have an insatiable lust for gold and treasures. Their lairs are often found deep within the caverns of mountains, where they hoard vast piles of gold coins, precious gems, and artifacts of immeasurable value. Legends tell of adventurers who, drawn by the allure of such wealth, dared to steal from a Fire Dragon’s cache, only to meet a swift and fiery end.

Though feared for their ferocious temper and destructive capabilities, Fire Dragons are also respected and revered. Their association with fire, a primal force, symbolizes transformation, purification, and rebirth. Cults and clans have been known to worship these magnificent creatures, hoping to gain a fraction of their power or to strike a bargain for a share of their glittering treasure. But one thing remains consistent in all tales of Fire Dragons: to cross one is to invite a blaze of wrath from which few have emerged unscathed.

art by @victhelion