False Godhood

Illusion School – Level 7 – Forbidden

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: Self

Duration: 24 hours

Effect: You achieve false godhood.

You are considered a Godly creature for the spell duration.

For the spell duration, any creatures that looks at you must make a Religion Save. On a success, a creature becomes unaffected by this spell. On a fail, that creature perceive you as a god, and will naturally worship you. A Celestial or Godly creature is always unaffected by this spell.

While affected by the spell, the creature becomes Enchanted by you. If you do anything harmful to a creature Enchanted in this way, that creature must make a Religion Save, becoming unaffected by this spell on a success.

You cannot take any damage from creatures affected by this spell, as a godly aura protects you. However, creatures unaffected by this spell can still damage you anyways.

Once a creature becomes unaffected by this spell, it will never see you as a god again, and it will be unaffected by the spell even if you cast it again later on.

You cannot cast this spell if you already achieved godhood.

Divine Curse: The Gods become extremely angry at any impostor and consider false godhood an act of blasphemy.

All Gods become hostile towards you. They might send Celestials or Cursed creatures to attack you or they may make other schemes in order to kill you. Either way, it usually takes 24 hours in order for the Gods to act against you.

The only way to break this Curse is by redeeming yourself and revealing to anyone that was ever affected by this spell your true nature and that you are not an actual god and that you just tricked them with an illusion. Those creatures then become unaffected by this spell.

Spell List: Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard