Emissaries of ancient woods and guardians of nature’s delicate balance, Dryads embody the very spirit of the forest. As fey beings, they bridge the gap between the verdant realms of trees and the mystical world of the Feywild. At first glance, a Dryad might seem a mere silhouette amidst the woodland, their skin resembling the bark of trees, seamlessly blending with their surroundings. Their forms are usually humanoid, with limbs that sway like willow branches.

Dryads are intrinsically linked to the trees and groves they hail from, and they view any harm to their domain as a personal affront. They possess an innate magic, drawing from the very essence of the forest to heal, protect, and if need be, retaliate. To those who respect nature, Dryads can be benevolent allies, guiding lost travelers or bestowing their blessings. But woe betide those who defile the woods, for they will find themselves facing not just one angered Dryad, but the wrath of the forest itself.

Bound to their homelands by ancient pacts and by their very nature, Dryads often refrain from venturing far from their groves. However, the tales of old speak of times when the forests faced great perils, prompting Dryads to form alliances with other woodland creatures, even reaching out to humans and elves to preserve the sanctity of their realms. In the heart of every dense thicket, by the side of every murmuring brook, the Dryads stand vigil, timeless sentinels ensuring that the age-old dance of nature continues unabated.

art by @rafaellam