Prism Of Forbidden Dreams

Very Rare Miscellaneous – Cursed

Special Effect 1: Once per Long rest, you can use 1 Action to make 1 random creature appear within 30 feet of you.

Roll 1d4 to determine that creature’s Tier, then roll 4d10 to determine the maximum amount of Challenge Points possible for that creature (The GM can use less Challenge Points if they want.)

The GM then chooses any creature to spawn based on these rolls, which takes its turn immediately after you. This creature can be hostile, neutral or even friendly to you (GM’s choice).

Special Effect 2: If this item breaks, 1 Eye Holder appears in the nearest unoccupied space within this item. You can break this item with 1 Action either throwing it in a space within 60 feet, or smashing it into the ground.

Curse: This item is an interdimension prison for an otherwordly creature that spawns other beings from its dreams into reality. When you use this item, roll 1 Luck Check (DC 10). On a fail, an Eye Holder breaks free and the item breaks.

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items can come in various forms and have various different effects. They don’t need attunement and you can carry as many as you want with no limitation.

They usually are not useful in combat, but they have a lot of utility effects that can bring new creative solutions for complex problems.