Dragon’s Maw Gauntlets

Very Rare Gauntlets -1 Hands Slot – Cursed

Special Effect 1: Twice per Long rest, you can cast Elemental Dragon’s Breath, using your Intimidation as the Spell Skill, but you always use the fire damage, without rolling the 1d4 on the table.

Special Effect 2: Once per round, you can make 1 Dragon Bite Attack as an Action, which has these traits below.

Curse: You cannot end these Gauntlets attunement, and these Gauntlets are attached and fused to your body. You become a Draconic type, in addition to the creature type of your race. In addition, you must feed at least 20 gold coins worth material per week to the Dragon Maw, or else it will consume and devour you instead.

Dragon Maw Bite

Skill Damage Roll Traits
Wild Handling
2d8 thrust
Ignite (1d8)
  • Ignite (1d8): On a hit, that target must make an Agility Save against your Wild Handling or be Ignited (1d8).