Delayed Death

Rare Poison

On a fail, the target becomes Poisoned (0, indefinitely) after 24 hours. The target must repeat this Endurance Save every 24 hours. On a success, it stops being Poisoned in this way. However, if the creature fails this Save 3 times, it then dies.

A creature can use a Med Kit to make a Medicine Check (DC 20) during a Long rest, curing this Poison on a success.


Coating Weapons with Poison

During a Short or Long rest, you can coat a weapon or up to 2 pieces of ammunition with poison. The weapon must deal slash or thrust damage.

The poison lasts for 12 hours or until you hit an Attack. If using ammunition, the poison ends when you either hit or miss the Attack.

The creature hit by the coated weapon or ammunition must succeed on an Endurance Save, or suffer from the coated poison’s effects.

Poisoning Foods

You can poison food in case you want to get away with murder. Any creature that eats that food must succeed on an Endurance Save, or suffer from the effects of the poison.

Poison Save DC

The Save DC from poisons is defined by the potency shown on the Types of Poisons Table.

If a creature knows how to use the Poisoner’s Tools, the target must succeed on an Endurance Save against the Tool’s skill (Nature or Tools Manipulation) of that creature instead.

Poison Expiration

Most poisons last for about 1 week after being extracted.

Types of Poisons Table
Poison Potency DC
Elysium's Door