Death Whistle

Rare Miscellaneous  – Cursed

Special Effect: As an Action, you can blow this whistle to produce a cursed sound. All creatures within 300 feet of you, excluding yourself, must make an Endurance Save against your Performance, or take 1d12 sonic damage. Any creature that takes this sonic damage must also succeed on an Insight Save against your Performance, or become Scared of everything for 1 turn. Undead creatures are unaffected by this effect.

Curse A creature that blows this whistle becomes Cursed. While cursed this way, you become haunted by a dark spirit that resides inside this whistle.

After you use the whistle, that dark spirit then tries to possess you. You must then succeed on a Bargain Save (DC 15) to avoid the possession. You then repeat this Save every 10 minutes while possessed, or every time you take any damage while possessed.

The spirit completely controls your body, using all your stats, skills and abilities. The spirit also uses your HP and Posture. If you are reduced to 0 HP, the possession ends.

If you succeed on this Bargain Save, that spirit cannot possess you again, unless you use the whistle again.

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items can come in various forms and have various different effects. They don’t need attunement and you can carry as many as you want with no limitation.

They usually are not useful in combat, but they have a lot of utility effects that can bring new creative solutions for complex problems.

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