Dark Cursed Wand

Uncommon Wand – Cursed

Special Effect 1: Once per round, when you deal dark damage with a spell, you can deal extra 1d8 damage.

Special Effect 2: When you kill a creature with this wand, it then turns into an Undead with the same Tier the creature had while alive. You have complete control over the creature for the next 1 hour, but after that, it becomes hostile to all other non-Undead creatures it can see.

Curse: You cannot end this wand’s attunement, and this wand always returns to you, either by teleporting, or simply appearing to you by coincidence. In addition, you become closer to becoming an Undead. If you die, you become an Undead creature with the same Tier that you had. You do not control this Undead, and it just mindlessly Attacks any creature that is not Undead.


Wands are items that can modify the spells you cast in various ways, such as increasing their power, altering their casting time, or changing their effects. You must be holding the Wand with 1 hand in order to benefit from its effects, and you no longer need 1 free hand to cast Normal Spells while holding a Wand.