Cursed Eye Cyclops

Cyclops & Cyclopians

The Cyclops, also once known as the Cyclopian, are towering creatures, standing between 15 to 18 feet tall. These one-eyed giants bear a close kinship to other giant races, but their history is a testament to both the apex of intellectual advancement and the abyss of societal decay. Millennia ago, the Cyclopian society was the zenith of civilization, famed for their unmatched intellect, innovation, and architectural wonders. Their cities, now lost to time, were hubs of knowledge, wisdom, and technological marvels that were unrivaled by any in their era.

However, tragedy befell these great beings. An unknown catastrophe, the details of which are buried in time, resulted in the total collapse of their society. From the ruins of this once-enlightened race emerged the modern-day Cyclops. Today, they are but a pale reflection of their ancestors, having lost not only their rich history but also their superior intellect. Living in tribal groups, they are often perceived as brutish and slow-witted, a stark contrast to the scholarly and sophisticated Cyclopians of old.

Despite their diminished state, the Cyclops still possess remnants of their forebears’ abilities. Their immense size grants them formidable strength, and occasionally, a flicker of the old Cyclopian intellect might shine through, revealing hidden depths beneath their seemingly dull exteriors. Adventurers and scholars are cautioned against underestimating these giants, for while they may not retain the genius of their ancestors, they remain a powerful force in the world, bearing the legacy of a civilization lost to the annals of history.

art by @ebragaartes