Cursed Battlefield Worn Rags

Very Rare Robe – 1 Body Slot

Robe: Counts as no Armor

Special Effect 1: All your Melee Attacks deal extra +2 dark damage. Light Weapon Attacks deal extra +1 dark damage instead.

Special Effect 2: If you are reduced to 0 HP, you can be reduced to 1 HP instead. You can only use this ability once per Short Rest.

Curse A creature that uses this robe becomes Cursed. While cursed this way, you become haunted by the souls of multiple soldiers that gave their lifes away in war.

After you use the Special Effect 2, these souls then try to possess you. You must then succeed on a Persuasion Save (DC 18) to avoid the possession. You then repeat this Save every 10 minutes while possessed, or every time you take any damage while possessed.

The souls completely controls your body, using all your stats, skills and abilities. The souls also uses your HP and Posture. If you are reduced to 0 HP, the possession ends.

If you succeed on this Persuasion Save, that spirit cannot possess you again, unless you use the Special Effect 2 again.