Cracked Pipe

Common Miscellaneous – Cursed

Special Effect 1: This item is easily mistaken by a Magic Pipe. A creature can make 1 Investigation Check (DC 15), recognizing the true nature of this item on a success.

Special Effect 2: This Pipe is magical and it can be smoked unlimitedly. Any creature can use 1 Action yo smoke from this pipe. It must roll on the table below, as it is affected by unknown substances.

Cracked Pipe Table

1d4 Random Effect
You suffer from a stroke. You take 2d8 brain damage and your Intelligence stat is permanently reduced by 1
You become Poisoned (1d4, 3 turns)
Fortunately, nothing happens
You become affected by the Acceleration spell for 1 minute.

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items can come in various forms and have various different effects. They don’t need attunement and you can carry as many as you want with no limitation.

They usually are not useful in combat, but they have a lot of utility effects that can bring new creative solutions for complex problems.