Renowned throughout ancient lore and the cosmos, Couatls are magnificent, celestial dragons that are considered the very guardians of the sun. With opalescent scales that shimmer and glint like a thousand tiny suns, they soar gracefully through the skies, trailing radiant beams of light in their wake. They are not just creatures of majestic beauty but also of immense power, revered as divine protectors and symbols of life-giving warmth and illumination.

Their venom is the very essence of solar fury. When a Couatl strikes, its poison doesn’t merely paralyze or harm— it ignites. Those unlucky enough to be afflicted by a Couatl’s bite find themselves aflame, burning with an intensity that mirrors the sun itself. Legends recount warriors and dark creatures alike being reduced to nothing but ash and cinder upon crossing paths with an angered Couatl.

But it is not just their venom that marks them as formidable foes. A Couatl’s breath, infused with the sun’s boundless energy, can unleash devastating beams of concentrated sunlight. These beams can incinerate enemies and obliterate barriers, radiating an overwhelming heat and brilliance. To face a Couatl is to stand against the sun’s might and wrath; few have done so and lived to tell the tale. These celestial guardians serve as both beacon and barrier, ensuring that the sun’s sacred flame remains untarnished by darkness.