Cosmic Wand

Very Rare Wand – Cursed

Special Effect 1: Once per round, when you deal force damage, you can deal extra 1d12 force damage

Special Effect 2: You can cast the Energy Beam spell using your Arcana as the Spell Skill.

Curse: This Wand becomes fused to your body and you cannot take it off or end its attunement. You become an Aberration type, in addition to the creature type of your race. You also learn how to speak the Far Speech language, which doesn’t count against the total number of languages you know.


Wands are items that can modify the spells you cast in various ways, such as increasing their power, altering their casting time, or changing their effects. You must be holding the Wand with 1 hand in order to benefit from its effects, and you no longer need 1 free hand to cast Normal Spells while holding a Wand.