Cosmic Sphere

Conjuration School – Level 3 – Forbidden

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: 60 feet

Duration: 10 minutes, using Concentration

Effect: You summon a fragment of a cosmic dimension.

Choose 1 point within reach. A black cloud of cosmic energy covers the area within 20 feet of that point.

This area becomes harsh terrain, and any creature without Dark Vision becomes completely Blinded while in this area.

All creatures that start their turn in this area or enter this area for the first time during their turn must make an Endurance Save. On a fail, a creature takes 2d8 cold damage and becomes Immobilized for 1 turn. On a success, it takes half that cold damage.

A creature that finishes its turn inside this area must also make a Luck Check. This Check’s DC is equal to 10 + your Spell Skill. If the creature fails, it encounters a Cosmic Aberration and must make a Memory Save or take 4d8 brain damage and become Confused.

Out of Control If you lose your Concentration, the spell does not end, and the Cosmic Sphere becomes a gate to Cosmic Aberrations to invade. At the start of your turns, you can make 1 Arcana Save (DC 20) to end the spell. After 3 turns, if the spell is still active, 1 Aberration creature of Tier 3 or lower crawls out of the sphere, and the spell then ends.

Curse: You become connected to the cosmic realm, making you constantly see shadows from cosmic aberrations around you. Your Passive Perception and Passive Insight are reduced by 5, and you have disadvantage on Perception and Insight Checks or Saves.

Spell List: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Elysium's Door