Corpse Incinerator

Corpse Collector

Corpse Collectors are behemothic constructs made of darkened metal and pulsing runes. Their intricate designs were initially built for efficiency. Emerald lights often glow within their optical sensors, but those that have been corrupted by dark magic have crimson red lights, giving them a more sinister appearance.

In an era when undead plagues threatened the very existence of civilized societies, the Corpse Collectors were the solution to a rising problem. Crafted by a coalition of the finest arcane engineers, they were designed to quickly collect and harvest the deceased to prevent necromantic resurrections. These machines, powered by both magic and machinery, roam the landscapes – particularly after battles or plagues – to ensure that no corpse is left unattended. They were considered the epitome of cleanliness and prevention, a barrier between the living and the perils of the undead.

Yet, such powerful constructs handling the deceased were not without risks. As these machines came into contact with bodies laden with necromantic energies and dark curses, some Corpse Collectors began to absorb this malicious power. Corrupted units deviate from their primary objective, becoming aggressive and unpredictable. Their mechanical limbs, once used solely for collection, can become deadly weapons, and their storage compartments might be employed to trap the living or unleash undead horrors. It’s imperative for adventurers to differentiate between a functioning Corpse Collector and a corrupted one, for a meeting with the latter can be as deadly as any undead plague.

art by @rafaellam
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