Conjure Great Thorn Vines

Conjuration School – Level 4

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: 120 feet

Duration: 1 minute, using Concentration

Effect: You conjure powerful Vines full of thorns.

Choose 1 point within reach. All the area within 30 feet of that point becomes full of thorns, which is harsh terrain for any hostile creatures for the spell duration. For every 5 feet that a hostile creature moves inside this area, that creature takes 2d4 thrust damage. A creature that takes this thrust damage must also succeed on an Endurance Save, or start Bleeding (1d8).

In addition, all Large or smaller creatures of your choice that end their turn in that area must succeed on a Reflex Save, or become Contained for 1 turn by these vines.

When the spell ends, the vines vanish.

Spell List: Druid, Ranger