Necromancy (and Transmutation) School – Level 7 – Forbidden

Type: Ritual Spell

Material: 1 Relical Gem, 1 Captured Soul, 1 pound of flesh from the creature that is going to be cloned, 1 vessel large enough to contain the cloned creature.

Casting Time: 18 hours

Reach: 10 feet

Duration: Instantaneous

Effect: You clone 1 creature.

The clone becomes a backup body in case that creature ever dies. You must use 1 pound of that creature’s flesh, and you must place the flesh in a vessel such as a giant urn or a coffin that can be completely shut and sealed. The clone takes 2 months to grow and mature. During this time, you must care for the vessel for at least 24 hours per week.

The clone has all the characteristics of the original creature and is identical in every way, except that you can adjust its lifespan to make it look older or younger.

If the original creature dies after the clone is fully grown, its soul is transferred to the clone and the original creature is reborn as the clone.

However, if the vessel is ever broken, the clone can then escape. If the clone wasn’t fully grown, it then transforms into a Meat Blob. If the clone was fully grown, it becomes possessed by the soul used for this Ritual.

The soul keeps all its abilities (except racial abilities), stats (except for the Strength and Dexterity stats) and skills, meaning it could still cast spells, use feats or use class abilities. However, the soul has its racial abilities switched with the racial abilities of the clone, unless the racial ability involves a feat or skill points.

The soul also uses the HP and Posture of the clone.

Spell List: Wizard

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