Chaos Blade

Relical Weapon – Cursed

Weapon Type: 2 Chained Blades, and both must be wielded at the same time.

Special Effect 1: On a hit, you can deal extra +4 fire damage.

Special Effect 2: Creatures that take fire damage from this weapon must succeed on an Agility Save against your weapon’s skill, or become Ignited (1d8).

Special Effect 3: When you throw this weapon, it is considered a Ranged weapon with a normal reach of 20 feet, and a far reach of 30 feet. The Favorite Weapon effect of these Chained Blades also affect all creatures of your choice within 30 feet of you as well.

Special Effect 4: When you hit an Attack with these blades, you can also pull a creature smaller than you up to 20 feet in your direction. If the creature is larger than you, you can move up to 20 feet in the direction of that creature instead.

Permanent Curse: You cannot end this weapon’s attunement, and this weapon always returns to you, either by teleporting, or simply appearing to you by coincidence. These Blades will bring Chaos, Misfortune and Danger in your life. The Curse has the following effects:

  • You have a penalty of -3 to your Luck stat
  • You have disadvantage on Luck Checks
  • If you would determine how dangerous an encounter would be with a Luck Check, you have an additional penalty of -10 to that Check.