Cain’s Miserable Blood Fang

Relical Weapon – Cursed

Requirement: You cannot be immune to bleed damage

Weapon Type: When you Switch Shield or Weapon, you can also change the form of this Weapon to become any other Favorite Weapon of your choice.

Special Effect 1: On a hit, you deal extra +6 bleed damage.

Light Weapon Attacks deal extra +3 bleed damage instead.

Special Effect 2: When you deal bleed damage with this weapon’s Attack, you can regain HP equal to that bleed damage dealt.

Special Effect 3: You gain advantage with all your Attacks with this weapon against Bleeding creatures.

Divine Curse: You cannot end this weapon’s attunement, and this weapon always returns to you, either by teleporting, or simply appearing to you by coincidence. Whoever uses this weapon is cursed by the gods to live a miserable life.

You have an infinite lifespan, as you don’t grow older anymore. Everything you love is destined to end, one way or another, leaving you completely miserable. The ones that you love might die, disappear, or simply leave you. The things you love to do might not be possible to do anymore, or you simply lose the passion to do them. Any purpose or mission you had with your life will also fail or simply feel futile and unrewarding. The Curse has the following effects:

  • You also become weak against light damage. You also lose any resistances or immunities to light damage. In addition, sunlight burns you. You take 1d12 light damage at the start and at the end of your turns while exposed to sunlight.
  • You have a penalty of -5 to your Luck stat

This Curse cannot be removed, even by the Remove Curse spell. The Curse can only broken if The First Vampire, Cain dies. Once the Curse is broken, this weapon is destroyed.