Burning Armor

Very Rare Armor – 1 Body Slot – Cursed

Armor Type: Any Armor

Special Effect 1: You gain resistance to fire damage.

Special Effect 2: You can make yourself become Ignited (2d8) as a Free Action. While Ignited this way, any creature within 5 feet that makes a Melee Attack against you or touches you must succeed on a Reflex Save against your Endurance, or take 1d8 fire damage.

Special Effect 3: Once per Short or Long rest, you can cast the Fireball spell as a Free Action, ignoring any restriction of Normal Spells (without using Mana). However, the point of that spell is centered on you. You use the Endurance skill as your Spell Skill for that spell.

Curse: You cannot end this armor attunement, and this armor is attached and fused to your body. While wearing this armor, you become weak against cold damage. You lose any resistance or immunities to cold damage. In addition, all creatures must avoid touching you, as a result of you being constantly in flames.

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