Ignition School – Level 4

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: 600 feet

Duration: 10 minutes, using Concentration

Effect: You create a blizzard, freezing a very large area.

Choose 1 point within reach. When a creature starts their turn within 200 feet of that point, or enters in that area for the first time during their turn, it must make an Endurance Save. On a fail, that creature takes 4d8 cold damage and it becomes Contained for 1 turn. On a success, that creature takes only half that damage.

In addition, you can also move the point of this spell up to 200 feet as a Bonus Action.

Upcast: If you upcast this spell, you can increase this damage by 1d8 for each level upcasted.

Spell List: Druid, Inventor, Sorcerer, Wizard

Elysium's Door