Berserker Mushroom Tea

Rare Herbal Recipe

The following things happen for the next 10 minutes: 

  • You immediately gain 10 Posture.
  • All your Melee Attacks gain advantage and deal extra damage equal to your Tier
  • You become immune against being Enchanted and Scared
  • You become Confused and you cannot stop being Confused as a result of entering a frenzy state

Herbal Recipes

Herbal Recipes are a great resource that are easier to find than potions, but also less powerful.

During a Short or Long rest, you can use the Herbalist Tools to create Herbal Recipes by using the necessary Herbs, as shown in the Herbal Plants Table.

As an Action, a creature can use 1 Herbal Recipe with a Free Hand. That creature can also apply a Herbal Recipe to any willing target within 5 feet using that Action as well.

Herbal Plants Table
Recipe Check DC Time to Grow
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks

Herbs Expiration

Most herbs and herbal Recipes last for about 1 week.

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