Armor of Rot

Very Rare Armor – 1 Body Slot – Cursed

Armor Type: Any Armor not made of Metal

Special Effect 1: You gain resistance to poison damage. In addition, you no longer have disadvantage on Attacks, Checks or Saves while Poisoned.

Special Effect 2: All creatures that start their turns within 10 feet of you must succeed on an Endurance Save against your Endurance, or become Poisoned (1d10, 1 turn). A creature that is already Poisoned takes 1d10 poison damage on the start of its turns instead.

Curse: You cannot end this armor attunement, and this armor is attached and fused to your body. Your body starts to slowly rot and decay while wearing this armor, making your body weaker and also giving you a horrible smell. The Curse has the following effect:

  • You have a penalty of -10 and disadvantage on Persuasion Checks.
  • When you finish a Long rest, you must succeed on an Endurance Save (DC 15), or take 5 poison damage.