Arcane Great Sword

Ignition School – Level 3

Type: Quick Spell, using a Free Action

Reach: Self

Duration: 10 minutes

Effect: You create a large sword of pure arcane energy.

You can make this Sword appear and disappear as a Free Action while the spell lasts. You are the only person capable of wielding this Sword, which counts as a weapon. Once the spell ends, the Sword vanishes.

The Sword has the following properties, as shown below:

Spell List: Inventor, Wizard

Arcane Great Sword

Skill Damage Roll Traits
Your Spell Skill
1d12 force + the Spell's Level
Air Surf, Float, Cover, Great Swing, Great Weapon
  • Air Surf: By using your Concentration, you can surf on this Sword, which gives you a 30 feet Hover Fly Speed.
  • Float: You can make this weapon can float around you, which allows to use it without no hands
  • Cover: You can place this Sword in front of you and use it as Heavy Cover.
  • Great Swing: As an Action, you can swing this sword. All creatures within 10 feet of you must then succeed on an Agility Save against your Spell Skill, or take 1 hit from this weapon’s Attack.
  • Great Weapon: If you roll a 1, 2 or 3 on the damage roll, you can add a second 1d12 to the damage roll of this weapon. You do not get to add a third 1d12.