Alecto, the tormenting Fury of Liars and Thieves

The Sisters of Fury

Deep within the darkest recesses of Tartaros, where the most wicked souls are damned for eternity, reside the Sisters of Fury, legendary entities of dread. Their sole purpose is to exact torturous vengeance upon guilty souls, ensuring they suffer endlessly for the transgressions committed in the mortal realm. Appointed by the very gods themselves, these formidable sisters serve the will of Nemesis, the Great Goddess of Justice and Divine Punishment. Their loyalty to her is unwavering, and their methods, cruel and merciless.

Bound by a purpose greater than any individual, the Sisters of Fury work in perfect harmony, creating a tapestry of agony that none can escape. Their presence is a chilling reminder to all who encounter them of the consequences of their actions in life. When a soul is committed to Tartaros, it is these sisters who decide its fate, delivering the divine justice of Nemesis with relentless fervor. Those who find themselves in their grasp will quickly learn that there is no evading the retribution of the Furies.

Elysium's Door