Acid Puddle

Transmutation School – Level 3

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: 30 feet

Duration: 10 minutes

Effect: You create a large puddle of acid.

Choose 1 point on the ground within reach. All the area within 20 feet of that point becomes covered by acid and is considered harsh terrain.

A creature that starts its turn inside this area, or enters in this area for the first time during their turn must make an Endurance Save. On a fail, it takes 4d12 acid damage. On a success, it only takes half this damage.

Any Construct or Armor/Shield being used by those creatures also takes 1 Corrosion Point when they take this acid damage.

When the spell ends, the acid puddle disappears.

Upcast: If you upcast this spell, you can increase this damage by 1d12 for each level upcasted.

Spell List: Druid, Inventor, Sorcerer, Wizard