Acid Dragon Ooze

Acid Dragons

Emerging from the mists of ancient history, Acid Dragons are fearsome and unique creatures that possess the awe-inspiring power to spit corrosive acid. Their sleek, shimmering scales range from emerald green to obsidian black. These dragons are known not only for their potent acidic breath, which can burn through the toughest armor and flesh in seconds, but also for their peculiar affinity for historic temples and venerable architecture.

While most dragons are known for hoarding gold and gems, Acid Dragons crave knowledge and history. To them, ancient structures are troves of secrets from the past, and in a twisted display of dominance, they corrode and consume these landmarks. By doing so, they believe they absorb the essence of history, making them its sole custodians. Over centuries, countless temples, citadels, and monuments have succumbed to their acidic onslaught, leaving historians and archaeologists bereft of invaluable information.

Acid Dragons see themselves as the ultimate historians, aiming to gather all the stories, records, and memories of the world. Legends say they possess vast underground lairs filled with corroded remnants of artifacts and manuscripts. To encounter an Acid Dragon is not just to face a beast of draconic fury, but also a guardian of lost epochs, a creature that holds the keys to untold stories of our world’s past.

art by @_valandra_
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