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By Players, for Players.

What Is Elysium's Door?

Elysium’s Door is a free-to-play fantasy Tabletop Roleplaying Game inspired by Greek mythology and many other tales. This game lets you dive into magical worlds and create your own adventures with your friends. Whether set in the magical world of Illiria or another setting of your choice, Elysium’s Door has got you covered.

This game uses a d20 system with a skill point buy mechanic. Inspired by many RPGs, Elysium’s Door has familiar concepts if you already know RPGs, but we’ve made it our own.

Crafted with love, this free game welcomes both newcomers and seasoned RPG enthusiasts. Our mission is to make roleplaying games accessible to all, regardless of background or financial circumstances. Our Doors will always be open to everyone!

What Makes Elysium's Door Different?

You may be wondering what makes Elysium’s Door different from other existing Tabletop RPGs. We have a list of features to show you!

  • An agile combat system with flexible movement.
  • A new system of HP and Posture that completely changes the flow of combat!
  • Weapon Variety: More than 60 weapons, each with its own effects and individualities, as well as 3 different types of Shields. Martials have never felt better!
  • Unique takes on classic character classes and subclasses, as well as new unique classes and subclasses.
  • Complete freedom to build your character the way you want with our Point Buy system
  • Forbidden Spells and Cursed Feats to add some spice to your character.
  • A Tier and Challenge Point system that works, making encounters easy and fast for the GM to set up.
  • Action oriented monsters that makes each combat feel unique and memorable!
  • An in-depth guide for GMs, for homebrewing monsters to random tables.
  • All this and more for free!

About us

We are Thomas and Calebe, two Brazilians who are passionate about Tabletop RPGs. We started this game in 2021 as a personal project during the COVID pandemic, and it has since grown into a complete game.

Our mission is to offer a free game that is accessible to everyone, in order to encourage engagement with this amazing hobby that we love so much! If you’d like to support the game, please follow us on social media and give us your feedback! (But don’t forget to play the game first, lol).

We have 93 original illustrations made by Brazilian artists, as well as 615 monster sheets, 346 spells, 434 special items, 14 classes (each with 4 to 6 subclasses), and 32 races to choose from. (Yes, that’s a lot of stuff—we really enjoy designing this game!)

Below, you can find a link to our artists. Please give them a check; they deserve it!

  • Bruno Romão – @ilustra.bruno

  • Emanuel Braga – @ebragaartes

  • Erick Morais – @erickmore.art

  • Rafael Lam – @rafaellam

  • Valandra – @valandra

  • Victor Marques – @victhelion

  • Wellington Passoni – @wellpassoni

  • Yan – @Abacaxigrlhado

And also Patrick who made the Character Sheets: @pktome